This lady’s not for liking

No,  “I do not like Theresa May”

That faceless cloud of mists so grey

That one cannot see her deeds so black

Her decisions made – “no turning back”.

That soulless shroud that covers all

The cuts she makes which bring the fall

Through poverty to great despondency

Of so many outside her prim complacency

Of such honest folks like you and me.

She takes us to be the very fools,

Who stay defeated as she divides and rules.

No, I do not like Theresa May,

I do not like the way she plays

I can’t abide the way she stays

in power

For the twenty one percent of our

Adult population, gaining adulation,

For forcing capitulation and starvation of the soul

Of our once caring nation.


This lady is not for liking



About greencentre

Non grant supported hence independent scientist, green activist, writer and forest planter.
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