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Good Lorde and “Royals” – careful on that stage Ella

The singer-songwriter Lorde shocked USA America‚Äôs music industry when accepting her second miniature gold-coloured gramophone for the night at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday January 26 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The shock was not because the singer-songwriter … Continue reading

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A new Agenda?

“WAKE UP TO THE GATEKEEPERS” OK, OK, OK, this ain’t mine. Well, apart from the notes in the margins which I’ve cunningly put in square brackets. I’m sort of warehousing the piece, whilst I work out what to do with … Continue reading

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Here’s a list of nine ways America has fueled the invasion and genocide in Syria

This is pure, undistilled download. I couldn’t concentrate on the original – too many distractions on the page. So here it is, purified, but the net ref is at the foot if you wanna go there. Yeah, I know it’s … Continue reading

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Ten Years After

Was once a heavy metal prog rock band but here it’s a lament to military interventions and yet another milestone. All that time since American President Bush launched “Operation Shock and Awe” as a macabre display to be shown as-it-happened … Continue reading

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Ho hum, the latest collection of “Honours” has been issued, naming those who have strenuously devoted their actions, without considering themselves, for the overall benefit of the population at large. There must have been two or three such on the … Continue reading

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Levisalone, just Levisalone.

An eternity in the making and then read by whom? Not me for sure. And why should one be required to? Because, for all the interviews, for all the posturing, for all the drama and all the debating it comes … Continue reading

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New DG – OK, no change there, then.

“That’s it then? I got the Pepsi machine going again and now I’m out? OK, OK, so where’s me big brown envelope then. I’ve done two weeks, you know.” Alas, the consistently deep waters of The Organisation close in again. … Continue reading

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