Awakening the Written Word

Awakening the written word

 A one day workshop set up to discuss and develop skill sets suitable for writers to compose material such that they are confident it will work not only as individually read work but also be suitable to be read aloud to a group of listeners or, further, used in live performance without reference to the physical written words.



A writers’ circle in Colwyn Bay has been meeting weekly to exchange ideas, inspirations and individual responses to an agreed topic. We have all been impressed by the diverse range and the high quality of responses and have, further, seen the group grow significantly over the two years of its existence. In reading aloud our works, we find, also, a range of approaches, some more polished than others.

When requested to engage with the Lit Wales Itinerant Scribes programme, it was felt that, initially, we should attempt to address this issue and so enhance the performance quality of our compositions. Bangor Performance Poet Mr Martin Daws accepted my request to run such a day of skill development.


We wanted to involve the Conwy County Council in the event and so based the first of the two workshops in Colwyn Bay Library, where Martin led a two hour helter skelter through the interactions of words, people and life situations. Commonplace run through the filters of imagination but funnelled back together through teamwork and integration.
After lunch in the NWAMI building on Greenfield Road, also in Colwyn Bay, we remained in NWAMI for an afternoon session taking our earlier writing as well as additional scribing and running through exercises in microphone and other performance technique. Individuals in the group discovered a lot about themselves that, hours earlier, they might not have imagined was possible!

Three hours very well spent.


Performance Session

For two hours that same evening we took over the upstairs floor of The Station Pub, in central Colwyn, and ran through our newly developed skills. Led by half an hour’s inspiration from our tutor who worked through a number of his more recent poems and tonal structures in a spellbinding style. Thereafter a number of the members of the group performed works from their individual folders, showing a clear boost resultant from the day’s well structured studies.


Above was my report back to event part funders Literature Wales.

Hopefully we will run a series of such events, under the series’ title “The Write Way”…………….


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