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Welsh uplands desert.

Went for a walk today. Hell, this is diary mode. No matter – that’s what this is gonna have to be – mix of thought out and thorough essays with day to day soundings. So I took a lot of … Continue reading

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Five Trillion Trees – launch rationale

This is just the beginning. It’s the distilment of all my recent thoughts and, as such, is pure and simple. And oh so profound. Do we need it? Yes we do. Can we do it? Yes we can. As they … Continue reading

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Genetics subverted – by its establishment.

There were once two professors in Oxford who wrote a letter to The Guardian on 28/1/10. It went like this: From Professor Chris Ponting (“Genomics”) and Professor Kevin Talbot (Neurology) (Oxford). Dear Sir, “Despite the enormous complexity of the human … Continue reading

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The Need for Trees

The Need for Trees I have some friends who are involved in the developing ideology of Non Violent Communication, which sounds very touchy feely, user friendly, wholesome and the like. By and large I think that it mostly is but … Continue reading

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If Wakefield were a bond trader………

If Andy Wakefield were a bond trader…… Yeah, I like all these pregnant pauses, too! One mulls and lets others rant for a while. Hell, this is an intense subject. Everyone who contributes has information to share and their own … Continue reading

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The Medicine Men and Doctor Angel

Medicine Men It’s one of those classical images from the Wild Western Frontier. As white explorers and settlers moved out beyond the safe havens of established communities they were more and more living close to the edge and injury and … Continue reading

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China’s New Forests – leading the World to a greener future.

China – its trees and its forests – facts, figures, fantasies and futures. At prompts from the recent UN conference in New York on the Global Forest Reserve (4) which says that net forest loss has been slower for the … Continue reading

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How scientific authodoxy retains its grip as demonstated inadvertantly by Brian Cox

Did you see the Huw Weldon lecture last December, in the depths of Chrinter time? I almost missed it as it went out after Newsnight on a Wednesday evening. Astrophysics answer to Tony B.liar, former rock musician Professor Brian Cox … Continue reading

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Evidence based misconceptions

What is “Evidence based” information? And why start talking of it now? OK, there’s a double puzzle. Up until fairly recently (say, up until the start of the 21st century) this was not a phrase that appeared in the literature … Continue reading

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Green facts, follies and futures

Climate summary,  16 11 10. I’d long followed the adventures of the climate change campaigners and their ilk. They had my full sympathies and I quite envied them the freedom to travel recklessly around the country setting up camps to … Continue reading

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