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Manifesto The World is in crisis and, although we’re told economies are “picking up”, everywhere the squeeze on living standards tightens. And still Government wants to spend vast sums of money on grandiose plans for new works (HS2) and wars … Continue reading

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A new Agenda?

“WAKE UP TO THE GATEKEEPERS” OK, OK, OK, this ain’t mine. Well, apart from the notes in the margins which I’ve cunningly put in square brackets. I’m sort of warehousing the piece, whilst I work out what to do with … Continue reading

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“Warm Heart Malawi” – part of Monsanitising the planet by stealth?

In the “i” today a letter which caught my eye: “GM crops help poor farmers “Our experience as a charity working in Malawi has led me to question the simplistic anti-GM stance common in the rich west, “Malawi is the … Continue reading

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Green Illusions – Ozzie and the truth that no-one dared speak.

This is a book review, which is not my usual target. And a book titled “Green Illusions”, well, that could be red rag to my bull. I’ve been there before – there was the godawful Mark Lynas so recently, the … Continue reading

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