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All right, all right, all right, stop it, you’re hurting me, I get it, I get it, I get it.

Failed classroom bully David ‘Moron and his cronies were finally all put back in their bedrooms last night after having every last one of their toys confiscated. They all had to endure a stern talking to and will have no … Continue reading

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I think I went to war yesterday – against the UK Government!

Yeah, well, as I sit here at my little desk, polishing the fittings, smiling at the doodles penned on it by my daughter in her earlier years, I still feel a bit shell shocked. Hey, they’re still out there, I … Continue reading

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Bright Green Dancing Machine

“How many more trips?” “I don’t know – I’ve lost the will to live”. The familiar, sad exchanges were heard during the annual, biblical migration up the steep hill rising from the Green Man festival site to it’s seemingly so … Continue reading

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Womad – Mohammad. 2013.

How is it that, after what was undoubtedly the best Womad I’ve ever attended both for content and for my scope for participation, I find I am at a loss to find words to describe the experience? I watched, listened … Continue reading

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