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Astounding new plans for the BBC

In an exclusive extract from the brain of Michael Gove – yes, it does exist although previous evidence has been scratchy – I can reveal fantastic, all embracing plans for the modernization of the BBC – and Murdoch has not … Continue reading

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Cox’s just a pippin.

So things only got better for Professor Brian Cox as he became a media star and so can say what he pleases and it’s given gold plated status. Look, I’ve done this complaint before but it’s just been set off … Continue reading

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How scientific authodoxy retains its grip as demonstated inadvertantly by Brian Cox

Did you see the Huw Weldon lecture last December, in the depths of Chrinter time? I almost missed it as it went out after Newsnight on a Wednesday evening. Astrophysics answer to Tony B.liar, former rock musician Professor Brian Cox … Continue reading

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