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Manifesto The World is in crisis and, although we’re told economies are “picking up”, everywhere the squeeze on living standards tightens. And still Government wants to spend vast sums of money on grandiose plans for new works (HS2) and wars … Continue reading

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Green Illusions – Ozzie and the truth that no-one dared speak.

This is a book review, which is not my usual target. And a book titled “Green Illusions”, well, that could be red rag to my bull. I’ve been there before – there was the godawful Mark Lynas so recently, the … Continue reading

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How do you price the tonne of carbon that, once burned, tips the balance and triggers catastrophic, irreversible global warming?

[I wrote this a couple of years ago for The Ecologist. They didn’t use it but, hey, I still like it. It was a valid question and emphasises the position of inevitable no return we seem to be sailing through … Continue reading

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Cox’s just a pippin.

So things only got better for Professor Brian Cox as he became a media star and so can say what he pleases and it’s given gold plated status. Look, I’ve done this complaint before but it’s just been set off … Continue reading

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