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A European Union

A European Union? We met on a train – very “Brief Encounters”. Turns out she is from Switzerland but of German and French parents. The train was travelling through Poland, en route to Moscow. It was a long trip so … Continue reading

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“New” “Statesman” say balance is when no deaths are the same as millions of deaths. It all depends which side you’re on…….

Open letter on “Left Winger” Mehdi Hasan, sometimes writer in various media. The excruciating, passive aggressive Mehdi Hasan created a verbal stream for the “New” “Statesman” 21-27 March, under the theme “Lines of Dissent”. In it, he essentially sat on … Continue reading

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No Morsi

A piece on Egypt from “Hands Off Syria”: “The Egyptian government has announced that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, and it has banned on its activities including protests. “Minister of Social Solidarity, Ahmad al-Biri, said during a press … Continue reading

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Dear David……………………….

Dear David, I hear that a new motion is placed in front of the House of Commons urging US representatives to reject war against Syria. My email today – and I realise I have communicated several times recently – is … Continue reading

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A new Agenda?

“WAKE UP TO THE GATEKEEPERS” OK, OK, OK, this ain’t mine. Well, apart from the notes in the margins which I’ve cunningly put in square brackets. I’m sort of warehousing the piece, whilst I work out what to do with … Continue reading

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