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Ho hum, the latest collection of “Honours” has been issued, naming those who have strenuously devoted their actions, without considering themselves, for the overall benefit of the population at large. There must have been two or three such on the … Continue reading

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Big Society is watching you.

Oh my God – I’m so slow! Well, some ideas come to me super quickly, and some take a bit longer. My brain is reasonably active and I like to think my thinking is analytical, frequently constructive and associative. I … Continue reading

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Business as usual. (Phew!)

“Psst, hey, you there, yes Jeremy, whatever your name is. Paxo? Hey, I’ve got somebody I want you to talk to, I mean with, on your little programme tonight. Thing is ole Pollard’s come up trumps for us and it’s … Continue reading

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Levisalone, just Levisalone.

An eternity in the making and then read by whom? Not me for sure. And why should one be required to? Because, for all the interviews, for all the posturing, for all the drama and all the debating it comes … Continue reading

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