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Syria – what the West has done

‘West wants to keep ‪‎Syria in crisis’ Press TV’s recent interview with researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, discussing ongoing developments in Syria. Press TV: This recent reports coming out of Syria go to highlight the humanitarian crisis in the … Continue reading

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No Morsi

A piece on Egypt from “Hands Off Syria”: “The Egyptian government has announced that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, and it has banned on its activities including protests. “Minister of Social Solidarity, Ahmad al-Biri, said during a press … Continue reading

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No Yin and no Yang

I so enjoyed this wee chat, just like it could have been in the living room, over a pot of tea and some afternoon cakes an’ the like: Harry  How do you feel about Jung’s anima and animus, or variants … Continue reading

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Demolition Time?

So I’m just back from a full Conwy Council meeting. I got summoned by my conscience after talking with a group of Colwyn Bay Pier supporters. They’d just heard that, despite their hard efforts over the last three years in … Continue reading

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Discussion on Objective versus Subjective – with formulae!

THE “OBJECTIVE” AND THE “SUBJECTIVE” These are BIG words in, especially discussions of what we call the true or morality. If something is deemed “subjective,” we feel that we have an instant permission to dismiss it as “non-real,” belonging to … Continue reading

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Monsanto confronts devilish public image problem “By JENNY HOPKINSON”

  Found on a US website called Politico is this sychophantic drivel. So I “wrote in the margins” and it made me feel better and now I’ll put it here for much the same reason. “Monsanto is the agriculture world’s … Continue reading

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