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A European Union

A European Union? We met on a train – very “Brief Encounters”. Turns out she is from Switzerland but of German and French parents. The train was travelling through Poland, en route to Moscow. It was a long trip so … Continue reading

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Manifesto The World is in crisis and, although we’re told economies are “picking up”, everywhere the squeeze on living standards tightens. And still Government wants to spend vast sums of money on grandiose plans for new works (HS2) and wars … Continue reading

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Syria – what the West has done

‘West wants to keep ‪‎Syria in crisis’ Press TV’s recent interview with researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, discussing ongoing developments in Syria. Press TV: This recent reports coming out of Syria go to highlight the humanitarian crisis in the … Continue reading

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Dear David……………………….

Dear David, I hear that a new motion is placed in front of the House of Commons urging US representatives to reject war against Syria. My email today – and I realise I have communicated several times recently – is … Continue reading

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I think I went to war yesterday – against the UK Government!

Yeah, well, as I sit here at my little desk, polishing the fittings, smiling at the doodles penned on it by my daughter in her earlier years, I still feel a bit shell shocked. Hey, they’re still out there, I … Continue reading

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Shock news as Latest New Director General Forced to Resign

Reeling from the revelations of crass attempts to draw funding from MI5 to subsidise their flagship current affairs documentary programme, latest new BBC Director General Sir Umi’ve Forgotten Hisname called a brief press conference today and let it be known … Continue reading

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When the Left is Split you still have the Left. Just more of the Right.

Well, the headline says it all, really. Discussion twixt “Two people of the left, showing how the left is split over Hugo Chavez” on Right Wing Radio 4 this morning, pitched calm, rational Prof Doreen Massey against Whining Nick Cohen … Continue reading

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Your pants are on fire.

I do still from time to time meet up with Newsnight. I actually like Paxman’s contorted countenance as he grasps with the latest implausible interpretations initiated by some cataclysmically corrupt contributor to the daily dissection of the densest, deepest and … Continue reading

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Ten Years After

Was once a heavy metal prog rock band but here it’s a lament to military interventions and yet another milestone. All that time since American President Bush launched “Operation Shock and Awe” as a macabre display to be shown as-it-happened … Continue reading

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Astounding new plans for the BBC

In an exclusive extract from the brain of Michael Gove – yes, it does exist although previous evidence has been scratchy – I can reveal fantastic, all embracing plans for the modernization of the BBC – and Murdoch has not … Continue reading

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