About Green Centre

There are several strands to my life and, to clarify matters, I’m rendering them to the Blog World. They are partly reasoning, partly positive polemic, hopefully literate and readable and also very directed.

My role is as campaigner to correct imbalance. Annoyingly most trends are in the opposite direction and so I feel many matters to be very challenging but I resolve to influence as best I can, always adding further detail to my various cases.

So there’s green sustainability, especially forest re-establishment, medico-scientific rationalisation, the rebooting of science into objective and open investigative mode, there’s education and  learning and, of course, there must be music. Loosely wrapped around all this is the mantle of politics, which I see as an arena dominated at present by archaic dinosaurs vainly attempting to maintain the status quo contrary to the blindingly obvious need to reform and recreate in totality.

As I’ve launched “Five Trillion Trees” and “Biomedical Ecology and other Sciences”, also on WordPress, Green Centre is of late more Festival reportage, general politics and all else relevant – my clearing house!

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