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So P. Pantsdown put up a call for the “centre”, his market economy driven nirvana, with the promise to fund any election candidates who follow the priciples of his group of “More United” friends. Yeah, the Bliarist centre ground which is actually a sanctimonious self justification and prescription for carrying on as we have been.

For some reason, I looked up their criteria, their would be manifesto. It is as below:

The detailed examples of what kind of policies might back up our fundamental principles are listed below. However it is our members who will make all final decisions on our policy position.

1 – A fair, modern, efficient market based economy that closes the gap between rich and poor and supports strong public services

  • Making Britain the best place in the world to start new businesses, social enterprises and cooperatives.
  • A simple, transparent and progressive taxation system, so those who can afford the most pay the most.
  • Supporting self-employment and enterprise in a 21stcentury economy.
  • Protecting the rights of workers and small investors.
  • A reformed NHS which is paid for from taxation and free at the point of use.
  • Making education the priority for government spending.
  • Using of the new technologies to drive a revolution aimed at increasing efficiency, improving delivery and enhancing transparency in the public sector.
  • Greater reliance on evidence based policies. 

2 – A modern democracy that empowers citizens, rather than politicians:

  • Taking the big money out of politics.
  • Electoral reform to ensure every vote counts.
  • Safeguard the truth in political campaigning.
  • Introduce online voting.
  • Devolving more power to communities, cities, regions and states.
  • Protecting privacy and human rights in a digital age.
  • Adopting the principle that every citizen’s data is part of their personal property and can only be exploited by others with their consent.
  • Enhancing consumer rights.
  • Promoting competition and dismantling monopolies.

3 – A green economy that protects the environment and works to reverse climate change:

  • Drive economic prosperity through a investment in green technology.
  • Phasing out the use of fossil fuels
  • Tackling climate degradation
  • Working internationally to drive an ambitious low-carbon agenda.
  • Protecting the natural environment through the planning system and land use policies. 

4 – An open and tolerant society where diversity is celebrated in all its forms:

  • Promoting and defending diversity, pluralism and tolerance.
  • Strengthening anti-hate laws. 

5 – A United Kingdom that welcomes immigration, international co-operation and a close relationship with the EU:

  • Promoting the positive impact of immigration within a new global framework.
  • In the context of Brexit, we will press for the closest relationship with Europe and, if circumstances permit, campaign for Britain to return to full membership of the EU.
  • We accept the right of the Scottish people to decide their future, but we hope they will want to remain part of the UK
  • Maintaining a long term commitment to foreign aid.


OK, that’s it. 

So what does it mean? I dunno, really. Lotsa words, loadsa waffle and full of imprecise precision. Without weighting its worthless generalities, full of contradictions and signifying utterly nothing as far as I can see.


About greencentre

Non grant supported hence independent scientist, green activist, writer and forest planter.
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