Time for PR – but let’s get our priorities right!

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Wales Green Party
If the Conservative Party are serious about reforming the House of Lords, then it is absolutely vital that they are forced to consider a proportionally representative Second Chamber.

There is a good chance that if a reform bill is passed in this Parliament, it will be years before it is ‘on the agenda’ again.

Chris Hemmings

We need the Commons to be PR.
That’s BY FAR the most important change.

Wales Green Party

Of course, we agree, but House of Lords reform is being discussed now. There’d be nothing stopping us having both chambers elected proportionally.
The upper chamber could be elected fully proportionally – i.e. seats are distributed based on national vote share.
While the House of Commons could be elected by the Additional Member System (AMS) as is present in Wales and Scotland.

We can no longer tolerate an entirely unelected upper chamber, and so of course we should push for our ideal replacement.

Chris Hemmings

Yeah, but talking about the Lords is such a distraction. Sure, there’s no direct democracy in the Upper House, but at least it is more representative of the mix in society. The Commons is now being run by a group of members who represent a mere 21% of the UK’s adult population. There is no democracy there WHATSOEVER!

[My 21% figure is accurate as it includes those not even registered to vote. Others give a slightly higher figure for the Tory block by ignoring this section of society. Just like the Tories do!]

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