On Caroline Lucas and Green Corbynism

Caroline Lucas – Corbyn’s victory: an opportunity for the Green Party

The Green’s only MP, Caroline Lucas wrote a strong and clear article in the autumn issue of “Green World” the party’s members’ magazine.

Clearly impressed by the man and his politics – and his projected policies – she urges that:
“[we] rally around Corbyn’s policies when we agree with them” – “he will need all the support he can get when articulating these bold policies”. She lists six areas upon which there is total agreement and none where there are any differences. So opposition to Trident, fighting pernicious attacks on the welfare state, slashing of renewable energy subsidies, the economically illiterate austerity programme, protecting tenants from the spiralling costs of rent are common, progressive policies.

In attempting to define any difference between the parties she goes on to talk of sustainable communities, neighbourhood planning, housing cooperatives, social enterprises and tackling climate change and environmental degradation. All of which also feature strongly on Jeremy’s lists of priorities.

She ends by repeating the Charter 88 mantra – which I still wholly support, having run Charter 88 meetings – calling for a fairly representative voting system. Orbyn has promised a constitutional convention.

I declare myself, once more, as a Green Corbynite. The parties should unite. I rather fancy standing at next year’s Welsh Assembly elections on exactly that ticket – Green Corbynite – for my home constituency of Arfon. Watch this space……..


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