Green Corbynite

Dear Mr Taylor,

My personal Odyssey did not allow me to stay in Bournemouth when I arrived yesterday, a day too early for the conference. I had to return to Colwyn Bay. However, I had come to say just one thing to the conference and so I will ask you to relay it for me:

I have been a Green all my life and feel deeply, deeply and profoundly passionately that the best, indeed, the only move the Green Party can make now is to join up with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. We have to join together as a unified voice for a change to the just, fair and sustainable country AND World that there is profound need for now.

Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett sounded more Labour than Labour at the last general election. They preached the gospel of True Labour. Although the Tories “won” the election, only 21% of the adult population voted for them. They hold the reins of power on that basis – divide and rule.

The greatest impact of the Green Party was, thus, that we have driven the purge of the Labour Party. I went to a Corbyn meeting in early August one afternoon in very conservative Llandudno. Although ten minutes early, I could not get into the packed hall and stood in the doorway to hear and see a miracle. 450 of us for a 250 seater room listened to an honest, passionate but gentle and clear gut say exactly what we all thought. No condescending, no Blying or Bleight of hand – in fact as far from Tony Bliar as one could possibly get.

For the Greens now to return to Brighton on Sunday and go to the Labour Party conference, which opens in said town that very day and express the wish to join up, join in and share would be the next incredible and truly brave action for us Greens to take.

Could you please circulate this request to conference, to Caroline, to Natalie and others helping coordinate the actions of the party,

With greatest thanks (and apologies for not having been able to be with you in person),

Yours sincerely,

Chris Hemmings

Dear Chris Hemmings,

Many thanks for your email, and sincere apologies for the delay in responding. Keith receives a large volume of correspondence on a daily basis and it can sometimes take longer than we would like to respond.

Apologies also that you were directed to this email address on Friday 25 September, when it was not being checked. Usually, the UK email address would have worked, but my colleague happened to be on leave that day, and so were myself and a colleague in Brussels. We will keep this potential problem in mind and put in place a solution when similar situations arise in the future. Keith has asked me to respond to your email on his behalf.

Unfortunately, due to recovering from a knee operation, Keith was not able to attend Green party conference. However, you may have heard that the Greens reacted very positively to the news that Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party. Please be assured that the Greens will be striving to work with Labour on issues of shared concern. For more information, please see here:

Also, prior to the Labour leadership elections, Caroline issued a message to Jeremy about the possibility of working constructively together if he was to be elected:

I have also forwarded your email, on Keith’s request, to both Caroline and Natalie.

I hope you find the links above reassuring in relation to the Green party’s position in relation to Jeremy Corbyn’s win,  and sincere apologies again for the delay in responding.

Best wishes


Joanna Sprackett

Parliamentary Assistant and Researcher


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