Brief note on Democracy

General election update.
OK, I done me grieving (nearly) and now I’ve done me calculations on the 2015 General Election in the UK:

11.1 million voted Tory

14.5 million voted Lab – SNP – Lib – Green -Plaid Cymru
3.8 million voted UKIP
= 18.3 million ANTI TORY VOTERS

And, finally, 16 million + all unregistered adults DID NOT VOTE AT ALL

Total non Tory section of the electorate = 34.3 million plus unregistered (estimated as 1.2 million).

(There are  another 1.2 million voters in Northern Ireland, too, but they are too confusing to include in the breakdowns!)

So 11.1 million out of 46.6 million now have their government in place to rule over us all.

This, folks, is what someone once called “DEMOCRACY”. There has to be a better way – this is institutionalised dictatorship not democracy in any shape or form.


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One Response to Brief note on Democracy

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for doing the sums Chris. Shocking 😦

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