“New” “Statesman” say balance is when no deaths are the same as millions of deaths. It all depends which side you’re on…….

Open letter on “Left Winger” Mehdi Hasan, sometimes writer in various media.

The excruciating, passive aggressive Mehdi Hasan created a verbal stream for the “New” “Statesman” 21-27 March, under the theme “Lines of Dissent”. In it, he essentially sat on a high horse of a fence saying that, although he sees Vladimir Putin as a vile and totally irrational apology for a human being, in fact “loathsome” to Hasan, there have been equally bad things done by the US and UK as by The Russian.

Contrary to available evidence, Medhi say President Yanokovitch shot his own forces and equal numbers of rioters by rifle hours before fleeing for safety in Russia/Crimea/wherever. But that’s quite useful as our humble scribe can then equate this with, for example, the Egyptian coup leaders shooting down 900 Cairo rioters, to barely any reaction from the US’ Kerry. He can equate 97% of Crimeans voting to RE-JOIN Russia with the US/UK invading Iraq and leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths (after causing a million or more through ten years of sanctions and air strikes).

So it was “illegal and illegitimate” for the Crimeans to seek protection from Russia after the US and Europe had brokered a grossly right wing band of thugs ousting the democratically elected government of Ukraine. So Medhi now backs periodic riotous coups over the due processes of democracy? My, this certainly is a “New” statesman. Where has political thinking migrated in recent years?

Once more we have “balance”. This time the wholesale slaughter of Serbians by NATO bombing and the NATO militarily forced separation of the Kosovo region from the greater part of Serbia, whilst Albanian thugs openly butchered Serbians living in western Kosovo is equated to the wholly non violent decision taken by the vast bulk of the Crimeans to opt for Russia as safe haven. Remember that Kosovo still is a land of very high spiritual significance to the Serbs and remember, too, that many Albanians in the Kosovo region were themselves recent settlers, having been allowed into Yugoslavia to escape the desperate treatment and extreme poverty doled out by the communist dictator Enver Hoxha. They showed their gratitude by stealing the country!

Israel itself is, of course, an occupation, Medhi. Call a spade a spade, please. And, whilst we correct stuff – why adopt that new spelling for Kiev? To show your distain for so many legitimate Ukranians? To show typical politically correct stupidity, for sure. My God, man, the thugs are still camping out in the streets, still rioting periodically. This is not “a new government” – it is a profoundly hostile takeover bid by a bizarre mixture of right wing rioters, the CIA and the scheming bureaucrats of Brussels and Washington.

So, why did the New Statesman throw in the towel?



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