Syria – what the West has done

‘West wants to keep ‪‎Syria in crisis’

Press TV’s recent interview with researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, discussing ongoing developments in Syria.

Press TV:

This recent reports coming out of Syria go to highlight the humanitarian crisis in the making there; what do you make of the way the situation is headed? There are millions of refugees outside,  plus internally displaced Syrians and massive loss of life?


This is nothing short of an assault on humanity; it is by those very people that they feign a lot of humanity and rights. We know that the United States, France and Britain now have a base in Jordan, a command centre, from where they actually help these rebels.

It is akin to the plague and in fact a plague would be more readily acceptable, because it is a disease. What they are doing is not only they are destroying people and taking lives, but they are destroying the most historical parts of the Middle East, they are destroying buildings; it is just unacceptable, what is happening and what is even worse is that we are just silent about it here in the West.

Fortunately places like Iran and Russia have spoken out against these atrocities, but the World’s attention has turned away from what is happening in Syria.

Press TV:

Speaking of the West, what do you think  will be on the list of priorities when they come down to the negotiating table for the Geneva II peace conference, if it takes place?


I think they are just giving a whole lot of lip service to wanting to resolve the situation in Syria. I also believe they have  Syria exactly where they wanted, now; the Syrian military has always been perceived as a very strong, [which] may possibly stand up to Israel and, for now, [they are] being engaged with these terrorists and thugs in [their own] country.

So, instead of Syria being able to protect itself from outside dangers, danger has been sent inside Syria, chaos has been created to basically weaken the Syrian military. The United States and the Western countries are fully, 100 percent, behind this.

They may say that they want to resolve it but frankly, I think many of your viewers would know they have no regard for human life at all and so things are going as they had hoped they would and as they had planned they would.

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