Dear David……………………….

Dear David,

I hear that a new motion is placed in front of the House of Commons urging US representatives to reject war against Syria. My email today – and I realise I have communicated several times recently – is to urge wholeheartedly that you support this motion so that we can send the US congress a strong message to affirm the decision taken in Westminster last week to reject any form of military action against President Assad and his legitimate, democratic government, besieged, as they are, by hordes of foreign, jihadist mercenaries – akin to the two arrested recently for the despicable attack on the British soldier outside his own London barracks.

I sincerely hope that you will, indeed, adopt this stance and that you will convey this to your Prime Minister and to your cabinet and other parliamentary colleagues and help avoid what would otherwise be a catastrophic eventuality. There must be no action taken against Syria by US forces.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Hemmings

Dear David,

I know that you have not yet found time to reply to my email of September 6th, however I must add that I feel, in light of the sense shown by the US president in listening to the overwhelming majority of his population and so calling off world war three, we should now move strongly and swiftly to cease hostilities in Syria by cutting off all supplies of support to the deranged, jihadest killers we, the United States and a few other countries have unleashed on the poor and long suffering people of that country. Perhaps, indeed, they could be escorted out of the country and back  to the four corners of the earth from whence they came.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Hemmings

To David Jones, MP,

Two months have now passed since a fantastic build up of public pressure world wide forced President Barack Obama to step back from a catastrophic and potentially cataclysmic World War Three, which would have exploded out of his continuing in his plans to bomb Syrian President Bashar Assad to surrender and worse.

Although the grossly illegal internationally financed, supplied and otherwise supported siege and invasion of Syria continues, which I wholly decry, I see that there is hope that the potential Geneva2 talks could lead to a cease fire and an end to this madness.

I urge you to support moves to bring this about and to allow the Syrian people to rebuild their devastated country and progress with the reforming and modernising agenda they had embarked upon before the United States and her allies played on the innate tensions and precipitated the wholesale carnage and destruction that have followed.

The following reference from objective news outlet RT expands on my case:

May I urge you once more to support these positive moves to finally free Syria from the present nightmare,

I am,

Yours sincerely,

Chris Hemmings

And then, today, I got a response:

David Jones MP on Russia Today

20 November 2013
Our ref: LDN4587
Dear Mr Hemmings,

Thank you for your e-mail.
I have noted your comments. Naturally, the British Government supports all efforts to
bring the conflict in Syria to an end, and I sincerely hope that those efforts will
ultimately be successful.
As an aside, I would advise caution in placing reliance on Russia Today as a source of
news. It certainly presents an interesting take on world affairs, but I understand that
it is known to be close to certain elements in the Russian state.
Yours sincerely,

And there was a scrawled, illegible signature.

And how I laughed. Yeah, I’ll reply –  “sincerely hope those will ultimately be successful” being a godawful copout

1 “Hope” is SO passive, uninvolved

2 – “Ultimately” is putting no limit to the conflict ie = infinite flexibility.

3 –  “Those” as opposed to “these” shows how detached he really is.

But the condescending, dismissive comments about “reliance” on RT just made me roll over laughing. You heard of the Russian leader – President Certain Elements?! Who said the Cold War is over – it’s alive and well in Westminster where the David Jones of the country tootle around, tilting at windmills in the time honoured manner “Look, the Soviets are bugging the cafes and I saw a very suspicious young Eastern hussy making eyes at guys going into the MoD”.

David, you are still stuck in the 1980s – wake up to the Globally interconnected new age of open information sourcing and the meaninglessness of frontiers.


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