A new Agenda?


OK, OK, OK, this ain’t mine. Well, apart from the notes in the margins which I’ve cunningly put in square brackets. I’m sort of warehousing the piece, whilst I work out what to do with it, how to take it and whether the condition is curable. No, I do think there is  reason for the apparent oozing paranoia and I do think that implementation of Agenda 21 has institutionalised it. The idea of its being rammed down from Global Governance HQ is harder to swallow. See what you think:

Written by Ashiya Austin -March 2013, with FB reference at the end:

As our land is being ravaged and our water poisoned people are asking how this can be allowed by our Governments. Why, when Governments support sustainability programs. Nothing adds up until you understand some very basic facts:

  1. Agenda 21 came to light at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janerio in 1992.
  2. It was signed by the War Mongering President George Bush Senior.
  3. It has spread around the globe and forms the basis of all policy in most countries.
  4. Agenda 21 is presented as the solution to ‘Saving the Planet’ but it is far from that, hence Governments who talk about sustainability allow the devastation of our land and water. [They do?]
  5. Agenda 21 has allowed the UN Shadow Government to dictate policy around the world.
  6. And this policy is not about saving the planet but about a take over under the guise of environmentalism.
  7. It is a push to remove people from the country and place them in high density city housing where they will live under surveillance and tight control.
  8. The world is being restructured from decentralized diversity to collectivized hierarchy by an authoritarian regime cloaked in green trappings. A stated objective of Agenda 21 is to transform the 21st century by centralizing power and eradicating individual freedom
  9. One of the ways to achieve this is mentioned in the March 2012 UN Policy Agenda 21 paper. Geo Engineering is cited as “intellectual capital and resource generation”. Geo Engineering/Weather Control is still considered to be a fringe conspiracy theory by the uninitiated but this is another way that people are being driven off their land and into cities. Scientists openly discuss Geo Engineering at their many conferences.
  10. Interestingly people such as George Soros who funded the Wall Street Occupy Movement (nothing is as it seems) are buying up the properties of US farmers devastated by drought and flooding. [But not “geo-engineering?]
  11. The Occupy Movement is a good example of how we are being manipulated to protest against the things destroying us by the very same force that controls it. We are being conned into thinking we have a voice but nothing changes and our freedoms are being eroded at an ever increasing pace.

It is imperative that we learn to read between the lines and to decipher the language being used to control us.

It is also imperative that we see the thousands of different ways in which our opinions are being shaped and monitored by people in our communities either wittingly or unwittingly, working to further this agenda which, under the guise of saving the planet, is destroying it and will ultimately enslave us. [But which? And if it is first destroyed then how can we be enslaved – we’ll be dead!]

Geo Engineering is actually wreaking [?even?] more havoc world wide than CSG. [https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=opera&q=GSG+and+climate+change&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&channel=suggest    , since you ask – “Global scenario group”]

But the people leading the CSG movement will not admit to the operation of Geo Engineering. People in the Lock The Gate movement who speak out about Agenda 21 or things such as Geo Engineering are talked down to and removed. Why? To us it is obvious: the gatekeepers, the operatives whose job it is to keep people uninformed about the bigger picture, will not allow us to have a voice.

To know the truth,  the right questions must be asked. The first question is:

Why are governments saying CSG is an answer to Global Warming, aka Climate Change, when the technology exists to not only allow all inhabitants of the planet to have access to clean free energy but to also clean up all the environmental destruction? [Well, yes we could distribute energy more equally and use it  far more effectively at the same time as embarking on the massive Restoration Project, to rebuild, in a 21st Century Genesis, a decent, self-perpetuating Global ecosystem.]

Why have most of the inventors of these technologies been silenced forever? [We do not actually need any new technologies – although they will inevitably arise ]

“Why do the leaders of the LTG movement repeatedly jump on anyone who raises relevant questions with the stock answer that we must stick to only dealing with stopping CSG?” [ Someone tell me who LTG are? Please?]

You are never going to stop anything until the Bigger Picture is dealt with. Do they know this? What do they know? Naming Geo Engineering as a “Theory” makes them either terribly unintelligent –  intelligent people know what they are talking about before denying it –  or it makes them very suspect. Gatekeeper is the term used for the people in our communities who have some sort of vested interest in keeping us from looking at the Big Picture.

At its March conference the UN established a plan to integrate ‘Sustainable Development’ to the local level via the UN Sustainable Development Council. This will heavy handedly dictate down the pyramid of Global Control until it reaches each and every community. It will create a Global Legal and Economic framework. [OK, this is heavy and indicates a suspicion that the noble goals of Agenda 21 – “Think Global – Act Local” – may have been hijacked. Perhaps they were built in to Ag21 or, perhaps, there’s been an unhealthy alliance between Corporatism – Monsanto, Big Medi-Pharm, MIC – and the localisation systems. ]

We can already see this happening locally with the value of farmers’ properties halving and farmers themselves having to engage in expensive bureaucratic processes to do anything they wish to do on their land. All under the guise of being ‘Green’ – when these people are already managing their land in the best way possible. [Oh yeah? Says who? These people – farmers – chase subsidies like true professionals – always have. And otherwise always seek either to carry on exactly as they always have or to grow the most profitable products (eg Euro rape seed oil, US GM growers)]

Local landholders are confused and cannot believe this is really happening. For those of us who know about Agenda 21, it’s easy; we have the Big Picture and see how everything fits together. Preventing people from seeing and keeping issues separate are part of the plan.

Wake up to the Gatekeepers. They are all around us but once we see them clearly they can be easily removed from their positions of power


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