The Bomb Bashar Campaign (aka BBC) takes another humiliating blow.

So it was lunchtime, I was lovingly throwing together what is broadly referred to a “a curry” and decided to dare to listen to “Any Answers”, to sample the vox pop. Radio stayed off for the lead in programme “Any Questions” as Bomb Bashar filters would have engendered vapid positions to have been adopted sitting on the fence as to which Cruise missile Obomber should use. “Well, I favour the blue ones as they will show the Despicable Syrians how they are being killed by Good Conservative values” opposed by “Well actually, if we, I mean they, are to do a neat job, then they should state in advance what colour they intend to use and even announce this on the media, so we can all be prepared for this.” but “Don’t be stupid, we shouldn’t use Cruise missiles – that’ll not give the right message at all. Lets lob a few Sarin filled Cluster Bombs.”.
No, I couldn’t face that, but felt ready to hear some sane answers, if counterweighted by the usual suspects they dredge up for such shows.

In twenty minutes, despite the compare working hard at it, they could find no-one to support America in any way, shape or form. Everyone, virtually, was simply matter of fact “This is utterly counter productive, totally destructive and no-body wants it. Furthermore it is totally clear that the specific deed, as so many other heinous crimes, was carried out by the mercenary terrorists, supplied by Saudi Arabia”. Still the compare tried to put Chris Patten’s view but callers just drowned him out. 

They could have gone on all afternoon – no-one wants there to be any [further] US military action in, on, at or to Syria and its long suffering people. Even David Cameron gets this, now – as one could tell from his comments in St Petersberg yesterday. But Chris Patten? Now that’s an altogether more difficult nut to crack. It can only be because his skull is so thick.

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