Weep, Rosalind, weep.

Happy is the life of a scientist

Radio 4’s careerist section had another world record breaking, truly astounding performer celebrating yet again that if you career ahead in career format and put in the hours developing your career in the life scientific, the scientific upshot will be that another scientist who’s followed the career of following the life as a scientist being a careerist scientist then you can say that you are both scientists and, boy, weren’t you leaders in your field!

So, today, as I washed up breakfast dishes I eavesdropped the two smug souls, both physicists discuss how the guest, a woman, had, in the 70s-80s discovered the idea that biology had physics aspects. Yes, that’s right, a mere 25 years after Rosalind Franklin and the Bad Boys in Cambridge had elucidated the physical structure of the deoxyribonucleic acid “molecule”, this person had realised there was physics in biology as well. They went on to discuss this amazing breakthrough for some time as, obviously, it was verily most earth shattering.

The discussion continued to be of vital note as they elaborated on how, when two academics have kids, the less well financially rewarded had better ease off the career so’s to maximise the family’s income and allow at least one to reach the dazzling heights of success and not deprive the world of their manifest talents.

So, remember, Biophysics – invented by Radio 4 guest sometime in the 1970s.

Rosalind, if you were not already spinning so fast you would indeed have further cause, methinks.


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