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The headline shouted:

GMO:  Food?

“Our immune system looks at that [modified] gene sequence that is supposed to be food and says “I’ve never seen that sequence ever, it does not exist in nature , it’s foreign”.  It creates an inflammatory reaction and attacks.”

Arden Anderson, PhD, DO, MPH in the documentary “Genetic Roulette”.  [ ]

To which I responded:

Chris Hemmings

Thanks for this – it’s a long time issue for me (UK based). There is a need to note how all these factors – GM, vaccines and several other issues – compound each other’s effects.

Unvaccinated America

Chris, I am only recently beginning to realize how true it is that there are multiple causes behind our health problems. At this point I believe vaccines, GMOs and nutrition may be the biggest culprits, although overuse of medication plays a part for some people too, and of…

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