Climate activists – probable worshippers at the purported “Church of Climatology” – speak of the One Truth of Rapidly Increasing Sea Levels and how the Imminent Climate Catastrophe will soon be with us (Well, it is “Imminent”, isn’t it!) and how they will brook no other Interpretation of the Facts. For they are a Closed Shop and must Speak With One Voice. This is clear for Unity is Strength and “We ARE All in This TOGETHER”.

I know this cos I’ve been to meetings, conferences and other gatherings with such folk. And good folk they are. Yeah, a mite too tunnel visioned and, hence, more than a mite dogmatic. Does not make them wrong, though, just not very flexible and so an unsound foundation for rational, objective examination of data. I am not from their number, although I clearly sympathise with them.

There is no “99% consensus” on the progression of a changing climate and all rational assessors wholly accept that. But anyone who reads through the accumulated data, drawn from the complete breadth of the sciences, understands that a whole range of deeply significant changes are occurring, many of which show that humanity is motoring too far, too fast in the direction of over exploitation of our totally dominant position on the planet.

We gotta slow down and smell the roses.


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Non grant supported hence independent scientist, green activist, writer and forest planter.
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