So someone put this up and asked for comments:

This is an interview with the radical right wing ex-environmentalist Mark “Ignore everything I said and did up until about two years ago” Lynass. He’s gone through the same processor that belched out Tony Bliar in about 1996. Similar age too – they must start worrying about their pensions or something. I digress. Anyway, I’ll not go into Marky’s Damoscene conversions but, suffice to say, he hasn’t a scientific cell in his body (History and Politics degree) and it shows. All he can do is parrot out that dictated to him. Even that he does poorly.

So it’s a philosophical discussion group, globally conjoined so several US citizens as well as us Europeans, Antipodeans  and others.

Steve suggested:
“GM markets are fantastic – I’ve seen them in action in the Punjab where use of pesticides and GM seed have been used/linked contractually together to the point the farmers have actually used more petrochemicals not less. ”


“not suprisingly, the locals were a little skeptical about the GM seed crops they were being forced/coerced or bribed into using and their impact on food chains and nature. ”


” Still, these are great big wopping markets to exploit/monopolise to sustain unsustainable population levels – but hey all good for business: more food, more people, more consumers, more demand, more supply opportunities, more market opportunities for cartels…. this is what makes sustainable development such an oxymoronic term. ”

Liz largely concurred:

“the use to which it is being put is to tie farmers, often at subsistence level, into spending more and more of their limited resources with particular companies. The Terminator gene just highlights the issue. These companies are not in it to save little children, they are in it to make money, IMO.”

And Roger bluntly said:

” I think people are right to resist GM because it so obviously ties in with big corporations. So ….. somebody has paid that Lynas off in SOME way …..”

Dennis suggested that whilst ,

“I’m sure starving people are willing to eat GMO foods to survive, if one has the luxury of making a choice, one should have that right. Unfortunately, in the U.S., as usual, what is good for super agribusinesses always trumps what is good for the consumer. They know good and well, if given a choice, many if not most people would avoid GMO foods. Therefore, they shove it down our throats because it is good for business.” Unlabelled by statute.

And me? Well, I said a lot, in the same vein. Like:

“The position obtained by Monsanto is not so much Big Brother – although that is there – but chiefly Big Bully. They sue farms where their seed has blown for copyright infringement – even second generation seed where there was no Terminator gene spliced in. GM crops are a disgrace and drive further and further and faster and faster the profoundly unhealthy monocrop cultures and vast industrial farms managed using minimal labour and gargantuan machinery.

“Makes every Tolpuddle cell in my body rise up in out and out revolution. Quite frankly it cannot go on like this.”

And I sited their Wiki:

in very heartfelt manner.

Happily Sheila concluded:

“all i can say is that some of us are NOT fooled”.

We must reclaim our planet before it’s too late and reinstall humanity into our lives by restoration of the rights of every other species to express themselves within a bounteous, thriving, naturally biodiverse environment.

There is no good evidence that GM crops are anything other than the workings of monopoly capitalism. They don’t increase yields – in fact reduce them it seems quite frequently. They also require increasing quantities of Glyphosate and other tied agrochemicals, in particular as resistant weeds flourish more widely. And the profoundly unnatural genetic fragments spliced into their genoptypes can both cross out to other species and also lead to toxicity in the derived food products.

OK, I’ll put my lecturn away now and get down from me soapbox (or vice versa!). GMOs are totally unnecessary and to feed the population sustainably the move should be to shrink farm sizes and involve vastly more people in the rural environment, reconnecting the urban to the rural.

This will produce vastly more and more varied foodstuffs  and revitalise vast tracts of what are now practically agro-desert after present farming methods have caused loss of soil, decay of soil structure and elimination of countless natural, native inhabitants of that ecosystem.

“Hey, you’re still on your soapbox”.

Oops, sorry, but……..

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