Ho hum, the latest collection of “Honours” has been issued, naming those who have strenuously devoted their actions, without considering themselves, for the overall benefit of the population at large. There must have been two or three such on the list, including a woman who for over ten years has been disambiguating the train timetables to the general public. Otherwise, of course, it is a positive reinforcement mechanism to encourage toadying to the Establishment and it stinks.
This morning I was inspired/driven to come up with a response strategem It is this – to devise a series of new awards to offer and put these out for nominations. I have a few already but would welcome both award titles and nominees for such.

The following is a taster of a much fuller list to follow in due course, followed then by winners and, hopefully, an awards ceremony. Who to present them, I wonder?

1 – The Wiggins – awarded to the persons carrying out to admirable standard the most boringly repetitive and pointless tasks.
2 – The Brown Nose – awarded to the most prolongedly sychophantic of politicians. This is a renaming of previous awards such as Lordship.
3 – The Bad Goldacre – awarded to members of the medico-scientific community for the most fantastical descriptors of new, vanishingly rare and preposterously expensive to treat allegedly genetic ailments.
4 – The Order of Stupendously Tunnel Vision – awarded to administrators and others who manage, over their careers, to never veer from their job descriptions, especially in the face of demonstration that their work is socially damaging and/or profoundly wasteful of financial support.
5 – The Lead Ingot – associated with number four, this is to those who have most spectacularly wasted public funds on aborted, unnecessary, inflatedly and weakly estimated etc projects. There are so many candidates for this year’s Lead Ingot that lists will have to close very soon.

That’ll do for now.

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Non grant supported hence independent scientist, green activist, writer and forest planter.
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