Levisalone, just Levisalone.

An eternity in the making and then read by whom? Not me for sure. And why should one be required to? Because, for all the interviews, for all the posturing, for all the drama and all the debating it comes down to a question of whether a legal framework could define parameters within which our news reporting agencies should reasonably work and whether this would remove dangers of McCarthayism, Salem witch trials and sensationalist drivel without providing a press so anaemic that nobody ever looks at it.

Quite clearly Murdoch wants no new constraints. He’s happily watched his main UK rival being stripped of what remained of its credibility. Pathetically it’s recent response is to attack the National Health Service  – “See, they’re crap, too. So stop picking on us.” It continues as a smarting, cowed government lackey useful only to release official direction and misdirection and provide aimless, neutered programming.

What Bobby wants David delivers. Now he simply has to find a way to bully and bribe enough support in parliament to paste a veneer of respectability over a “Totally New Press Complaints Commission” which will morph back into the PCC we all loath within twelve months.

It’s a long time since Orwell clearly wrote of how it’s impossible to complain about Big Brother. That’s where the real truth lies. Or the lies are “truth”.

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