The News Media are, of course, sold as entertainment. In my naive youth I used to think there were elements of public service and general enlightenment involved but, no, it’s really solely entertainment. And this week it is probably going to be even further constrained, as the Report of The Enquiry into the benefits and disbenefits of “A Free Press” is published. When the press are, anyway, beholden to the enormous twin vested interests of state and corporate influence, this process always filled me with ennui and, although it was amusing to see the Murdochisma “slain”, it is clear that they are now amongst the most triumphant – albeit that some still have to go through the ritual involving public humiliation of trial and subsequent acquittal. “All publicity is good publicity” and it’ll be good for a few prime TV interviews  and books afterwards.

But, anyway, my true confession is that I do still watch News TV and listen to Radio 4. Both constantly make me cringe, but this is cool. Once, on a packed train going to my University in Leeds, I managed to find a seat in the guard’s cabin. The guy was sat there too and I was taken aback to see him reading The Daily Telegraph, then, as now, a quintessentially right wing establishment rag. From earlier conversation I expected him to be reading The Morning Star, the Soviet Russian centred organ.

He smiled and gave a simple response:”They report facts clearly and I like to know what they’re thinking so I can respond”

This could be my response now, as well, but it is no longer so clear as facts are wharped and distorted, omitted or simply lied about – made up. Facts and fictions are used to “paint a cogent picture” whose objective truth is of little import but whose thrust must follow preset guidelines and form part of an established framework. The applecart must not be upset.

Where is objective truth nowadays and how can one obtain it? Here are my footnotes – established objective truth  but not mentioned where they are totally relevant. So Mark Carney was announced as the new Governor of the Bank of England yesterday, imported from Canada, where he performs a similar role already. Now, prior to his ten years as Canada’s Big Banker he’d worked for Wall Street’s Goldmann-Sachs for, I think, fourteen years.

In other words, just like Greece, Italy and Spain, the UK has had placed to run its national banking and financing structures a product of the Goldmann-Sachs’ Cloning System. I seriously wonder whether any EU country will be left out of this takeover.

The media, though, don’t touch this aspect and instead talk of how well he’s run Canada – now a US commodity slave state, of course, but hey, that’s a footnote, too!

So I carry them everywhere with me to disambiguate the news media, but despite the World Wide Web of it all, these footnotes don’t get the wide circulation they merit. I do not yet really understand why not, as I don’t find a place for CTs and wouldn’t see any of these operations smart enough to run them, anyway.

Maybe folk just don’t like objective truth – it’d spoil the entertainment, wouldn’t it?!

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