Another brick in the road

Busily mending fences, patching up the holes, resurfacing the tarmacadam of the BBC’s corporate identity and redirecting shovelfuls of our license fees towards these political and not programming goals – look, the Plumber’s hard at work now, with nighttime legal assignments and who knows what else happening.  I tell you, it’s amazing what you can achieve with a monkey wrench!

Actually, though, it’s not quite as wasteful as one might first think. Apart from the acres of broadcasting they’ve created with this “We shoot ourselves repeatedly in the left feet” sceneario and the “See how well we can do grovel”, developed after Gilligan but now attaining new heights, look, there’s a least one mini-series going to be written.

Just like the film rights have doubtless been sold on the “Top American Generals Leak with Sexy Female Journalist” scandal so the Beeb can rake over its ashes to find some creative phoenix to rise out of them.

“Entwistle down the Wind”,  “Pattens of Distortion” and “Boaden in the Gloamin” all seem possible! And there’s always the possibility that something musical could be premiered at next year’s proms. Are you up for it, Roger?

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1 Response to Another brick in the road

  1. A musical I think. Sample lyric:
    “You say Peado, I say Paedo…You say pervert, I say weirdo..Peado, Paedo, Pervert, Weirdo – Oh let’s cover the whole thing up” to the tune of “Let’s call the whole thing off”

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