Well, well, well


They are loudly telling us now not to leave a scrap of any infected Ash trees in our gardens. “Don’t just prune off the dead bits and throw them on the compost heap but CHOP THEM DOWN AND BURN THEM.”

As for Fraxinus excelsior, so for Britain’s Broadly Castrated light entertainment organisiation, which sometime also reported the news and current affairs of this nation. Last night their George finally realised that, yes, it was him we were all talking about. “But I thought if I kept quiet and acted dumb/normal no-one would bother about me. After all I’m only the DG and I’ve got ten more years of my career path still to follow”.

Poor John Humphreys found it hard to conjure up any deference with which to address the guy on Today in the morning:

“Really?”, “Are you sure?” , “Did you ……? …. No, I suppose you didn’t….”.

At the end of the interview I could actually HEAR John shrug his shoulders and think “FORMER director general of the BBC”.


Trouble is, though, he has gone for the wrong reason.  He was already fatally holed by the original Saville saga and his inept/corrupt role in all that and should already have departed. It should not distract focus and spare Patten and Boaden as two others highly culpable and diagnostic of “Rotten to the core”.

As I said above, the only solution to such infection is root and branch cleansing and a huge, shall we say, “bonfire of the vanities.” Rid ourselves of “objects that might tempt one to sin”. There was a time when working for the Beeb was a calling and not a career, although it has always had a rather too coy security, introspection and insularity. Drawbridges not inclusion. But it used to be outside of self and vested interest. Once. Long ago.

There’s much call for the way of a “Restoration Era” engendered by all this but we cannot hark back to Reithian days. In these multi media times with universal information provision, where everyone has the inconceivably bountiful cornucopia of knowledge at their fingertips, there must be a new relevance instilled by the Beeb otherwise it’s not worth a postage stamp, let alone the license fee.

PS – I would have said “Chris, consider this as my letter of application for the vacancy.” Trouble is, by the time you get it, you’ll be gone too. Wonder who can be the new Chair of the “Panel of Judges”? The way we’ve been going Cameron will choose Simon Shallow. (Oh, very well, “Callow”.)

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