And so will Paxman fall on his Sword?


The best form of defence is attack.

Distraction can cover other actions.

It’s a good way to reseal bad news.


“If not him then who?”

Is one’s man’s career more important than a whole organisation – is this a man with a mission?

In which case: on who’s behalf and to achieve what?

To me the whole operation now seems geared to roping down intelligence and investigative interest not just in the Beeb but in all public media. I would call it the “Mudochization” of the media or its dilution now to almost solely an insipid palliative drug.

As for Paxman, well I’m sure he’s in all kinds of firing lines and in the sights of several snipers. Whether his arm could be twisted to resign I’m not sure. He does do stubborn very well, after all!

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