Is there a Patten in this Entwistled tale of InSavileity?

Oh bring me the good bard, for surely he could write of this. “There’s something rotten in the state of {fill in as appropriate}…. And being a sensible and organised soul he took the topics one by one and each was rendered into a stage set gem. Hamlet, Julius Caesar, all parts of the Henrys. But now, you see, the scene is more complex. Foresooth, there are more players. But, still, each and every one of these many tales hang wagging from but a few individuals and, as chronicles of drama, they would still be easily set in the time of the First Elizabeth and not the second. Was there not institutionised misbehaviour then?Did not fame and fortune allow indiscretions the ability to disappear from public record? And, at the summit of the social order, could you not turn to others there and know they would absolve you? Especially when you could hold a dagger to their backs.

So I’m just putting together my application to be the next Director General of the BBC – prior to the certain upcoming resignation or dismissal of the present incumbent George Entwistle over his seeming to look the other way and at the same time somehow will the dropping of the “Newsnight” expose, last October, of the late Jimmy Paedovile as he, Entwistle, prepared the idolatrous Christmas tribute to said wharped DJ.

(How could anyone, ever have liked that guy let alone put him where he was? He always made me turn the radio/TV off as he made my flesh creep.)

Entwistle’s career then moved on to its present high point – but get this: “BBC’s current director of vision and former editor of Newsnight will take over from Mark Thompson in the autumn” ( He did so on September 18th.

Thus he’d earlier moved up from editing Newsnight so you can bet your life he still had, shall we say, ears and influence there. It seems then that you mustn’t let a national hero’s frolics with some stupid kids get in the way of a Christmas special or, indeed, some serious career progression.

And now Chris Patten seems in it up to his eyeballs – “I know that you will not want to give any impression that you are questioning the independence of the BBC” he rebuked the culture secretary Maria Miller after she pointed out “It is the Trust’s role as the sovereign body of the BBC to be accountable to licence fee payers and ensure public confidence in the BBC.”

So the in house watchdog and overseer, the “BBC Trust”, chaired by Patten, want to independently ignore the misbehaviour of their “stars” and the incompetence/blindness/otherwise of their own managing director. The close interconnectedness of it/them all suggests root and branch clearout is required. Never have the Maoist ideas of continual revolution seemed more appropriate.

You see, Chris, it is not the BBC’s “independence” which is being questioned here – it is the Organisation’s innate inability to see the obvious and make the correct response. It has both the archaicness and the inertia of a dinosaur and needs to undergo serious accelerated evolution to regain relevance in the 21st century. Quite clearly, you have no intension of bringing this about so, equally clearly, mass BBC extinction looms.


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