There was a wee note on the Beeb site today concerning Warren Buffet
( ). The guy who conjured loadsa money out of Britain’s Tory government by predicting and betting heavily on the pound’s imminent crash. Anyway, having accumulated all this money over the years our Warren is now giving it all away, bar the odd billion he needs to eek out his remaining years. Like Bill Gates he “wants to help the World” but sadly he’s decided to go in with Gates and work on health. He just made over $1.78billion to the Gates foundation.

What’s bad about that, I hear you ask? Well, nothing except that health is derived from a range of factors, principle amongst which is a good, clean standard of living – house, food, social interactions. These two benefactors are set, however, on “banishing illness from the planet by a truly Global campaign of mass vaccination”. No small village will be unvisited, no school unjabbed as they dispense their mass benevolence and attempt to go down in history for reasons other than fleecing the population of vast fortunes. However they are more likely now to go down as mass murderers and maimers spreading all manner of physiological damage to these poor, and I emphasise poor, unsuspecting populations.

Now please give me a minute, Warren, because I actually feel I rather like you. Yes, it seems to me that you are in fact something of a maverick and a rogue – two features I wholly approve of. As such, I imagine that you are far more able to listen to an opinion in opposition to that of the prevailing one. To understand the folly, in this case, of the method and concept of mass vaccination. Of course it’s not all so plain and simple but the gruesome fact of the matter is that the outcomes of this folly have never been scientifically examined.

Sadly, our William has lived by programming and consequently cannot think outside prescribed patterns. That’s why I can see no benefit in seeking to address him. But I know you can see all sides of a story, Warren, and realise that life is not a simple algorithm.

The details of my case are elsewhere in this blog. Indeed some are not yet writ here at all. Suffice to say that the case is watertight and the need is paramount. To release peoples health and let them regain their freedoms. That then will be just the start of things. Who knows where it could lead!

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